21. helmikuuta 2017

Lots of sunlight, no birds. 21.2.2017

Awesome looking weather drove me and Vilma outside. I´m having a day off and because of that Vilma can stay home. We checked our normal places but today was really slow.
We did not find any Dippers. Only the most common birds around today. Only difference for normal was many Bullfinches around. I counted 16 today and normally you can see maybe 4. Also four Jays, three Great-spotted Woodpeckers, small flock of Siskins, Raven and Fieldfare around.
Here is some photos.

Male Bullfinch.

Clear weather in Maunula.


Dipper stream.

 After we came home I put Vilma to bed I started to feel very sick. Let´s hope this is gone fast..


20. helmikuuta 2017

Urban Crested Lark 17.2.2017

Finally time to write about our last twitch during my paternal leave. Last friday I took Vilma with me and together we went to Kamppi where this bird  which played hide and seek with me last two times was seen again. When we arrived the bird was missing of course and I was nervous. I didn't want to come back here anymore.
Soon I met Matti Koivula and together we tried to think where to find this bird. We walked around the area but nothing. 
At some point I choose to go and check the old place where the bird was found originally. We went around the block but again nothing. 
When I arrived back to the place where we started I saw big group of birders watching something. We ran there and Jarkko Santaharju showed the bird to us. Phooh! Finally. 
I got few nice pics and suddenly the bird took off and went behind the fence above the grass area where it was found.
I was really lucky cause we came back just before it was gone again..

Good camouflage. 

Crested Lark.

Little bit closer.

Birdfound something to eat before it took off.

Good looking bird and very rare here in Finland. This species is declining rapidly in the countries near Finland and makes this bird even rarer every year.
Later we drove back home and we had good time in our backyard. Also lone Fieldfare in our yard with Jackdaws etc.


Quite son we headed back home and it was time for a nap. I had to take those too because I had nightshift later.
Going back to work felt frustrating. In my wildest dreams I could be a stay home dad, but I have to win the lottery first.


12. helmikuuta 2017

Back to basics. 12.2.2017

My yesterday was so unsuccessful. Together with Tyron we tried Water Rail from Vanhankaupunginlahti, ut no luck.. Both were with babies so that makes it also little bit harder.
Anyway Tyron had to leave and we went to Kamppi where Crested Lark was refound after 2 months. I knew that pale is going to be hard. We walked around the area with Vilma but no luck.. Before noon we had to leave because of Vilmas nap.
Day was not over and we came back! and this time we put some real effort on this bird, but again, nothing...

This photo describes my day. Great Tit with swollen foot. It hardly moved when Vilma went close to it. 

Today I decide to stay in Maunula and keep my self and Vilma busy with basic stuff. I thought that why not go and check the old places on my "local patch". Who knows what will show up.
We had pleasant morning with the whole family and Sanni left to work just before Vilmas nap time.
After her beauty sleep we went out. I told Vilma that first some birding and then playgrounds, like we always do.
We went to check Dipper stream and it was very nice today. First bird we found was actually new one. This bird had ring and earlier there was not any ringed bird in this stream.

In this photo you an see the ring. 

This new bird had totally different area for feeding than the others and it dominated the southern part of the stream. We continued towards the feeder near by and before that I found another DIpper without any ring.
Feeder was busy, mostly Tits, but also two Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Greenfinches, Blackbirds, Treecreeper and Jay.

Second Dipper.

Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Two birds!

This time we went in the woods having some offroad strollering and Vilma was very excited about the bumps!

Vilma and the woods.
We walked about 20 minutes and I found a path which too us back to the stream. I checked the open water holes and soon I found another Dipper. I started to take some photos of it and same time another bird landed quite near. Both without rings. So the stream holds three birds now! How cool is that.


I had to take some mirror image photos of the bird.

And again.

"I see food" 

And the last one.

Southern part of the stream.
It would be nice to know who put the ring on this new bird, but in my pics I can´t see the ring number.. Maybe some other day with better light I can manage to get photo good enough.
So, after all this we went to have good time in the playground. Vilma was happy and I saw pair of Ravens flying above the area. We spend about 40 minutes there and then back home.

My beautiful girl. 

Time is running when you have good time. The old saying is very correct. My last weekd of paternity leave starts tomorrow and we are spending our mornings in Vilmas new daycare to see how things work. I really hope everything goes smoothly!

We will try some birding in afternoons next week.


10. helmikuuta 2017

Nuthatch twitching. 10.2.2017

So, I posted my last post at noon yesterday and didn´t know that still have possibility to go out again that same day.
I picked Sanni from school and all together we went to Munkkiniemi to see if the Nuthatch which was there about a month ago, would still miraculously be in the same place.
Well, it was not. We spend about 45minutes in the area, but all we saw was Waxwings, Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Fieldfares, Redpolls and other common stuff.
The visit was not a waste of time, mostly because I had change to spend time with my whole family, but also Waxwings gave me a good set of pics. Birds were very tame and when they eat, they don´t give a rat´s arse what you are doing.

Rotten apples are good stuff for Waxwings!

Such a beautiful bird.

Bohemian Waxwing.


At this point my old camera begins to clot.

Anyway we had great time and place was really worth to visit.

Today we started at 9am with Vilma and our target was old manor park in Espoo. Place hold a pair of Nuthatches and both birds uses feeders near the manor house.
Because it was my first visit in the area I had little troubles to find the right places, but luckily I had Kari Haataja´s number and I called to him to ask some details. Kari told the places and I went there. First place was almost empty, just few Treecreepers, Bullfinch and Tits. At the second feeder we were luckier and bird was there. Shame that it showed only few seconds and disappeared after that like all the the other birds in that place... Anyway I was super happy. This was my target and new stroller tick of course.
At the same place I had also Black Woodpecker and some Great-spotteds too. We walked between both feeder and just before we left I heard Nuthatch call on above the first feeder! After that I let Vilma watch some Mallards swimming in the stream and then we left.


Black Woodpecker. Very hard place to photo behind the branches. Female bird! 

Beautiful light in the park. Lots of old trees makes this place perfect for Nuthatch. 

Beautiful place where I should visit again some day. No wonder why these birds are breeding there.
Thank you Kari for the details, that was big help!
Later today we had nice evening walk with Sanni and Vilma. We walked around the Maunulanpuro where we had one Dipper and near the Maunula cemetery we heard Tawny Owl Calling! Nice year tick, though I knew that there is some around the area.