25. syyskuuta 2021

Dotterel inVuosaari 25.9.2021

 I was watching TV at home when I got message of Eurasian Dotterel in Vuosaari hill! I took my gear and drove tho the site where I met small group of people watching the bird. 

Very smart looking juvenile bird was resting in the low vegetation and sometimes it moved a bit. Finally got even decent photos of this species which breeds in Lapland and arctic tundra. It is not are in the north, but here it is very good bird. 

Also calling Grey-headed Woodpecker and Red-throated Pipit in the area. 

Some images below. 

Through the telescope.

What a camouflage! Not easy to spot from there if you just walk by.

Juvenile bird. 




What a bird. 

Hopefully more birds like this and even rarer pop up from Helsinki are in next weeks.


20. syyskuuta 2021

Grey Wagtail 20.9.2021

 After my day at the office I took my time at the gym and then went to Vanhankaupunginkoski to twitch Grey Wagtail which was found earlier today. Bird was relatively easy to relocate, but it was super shy. I had only binoculars and phone, so my photos are really poor. Taken with my Samsung. 

Grey Wagtail.

Grey Wagtail.

This species is about annual in this area and some individuals in Helsinki every year, but not really easy to find. Juvenile birds as this is the most likely to be seen here. Great bird.


Seurasaari with kids. 19.9.2021

 Yesterday I had very pleasant walk around Seurasaari in Helsinki. Place is mostly forest, but very easy with kids and there is lots of bird feeding during the winter months, so lots of birds are staying there all year long. We had two Black Woodpeckers, two Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Coal Tits, Robins, one Eurasian Nuthatch and juvenile Red-breasted Flycatcher there. Loads of fun for kids when birds landed on your hand to get nuts or what ever. Some photos below. 

Julius showed me the Nuthatch.

On my hand. 

What a beautiful bird.

Juvenile Red-breasted Flycatcher. This was a nice surprise.

Nuthatch again.

Great trip and quality time with my wonderful kids.


Long staying Mandarin Duck with kids. 18.9.2021

 This Mandarin Duck was already found 15th of April, but cause I´m pretty lazy, I went to twitch it few days a go. I took Vilma and Julius with me and we had nice walk around the area in Simonkylä, Vantaa. Finally we found the bird with kind help of another twitcher. Duck was in the bush, sitting on a branch and it stood there the whole 20 minute we spend there.. Stupid peace of nature. I was hoping some nice images, but this is all I got. 

Mandarin Duck.

Bush Duck.

What a beauty even in a bush.