23. tammikuuta 2013

Slow. 23.1.2013

Sorry for lazy posting.. I´ve spent most of the time inside and that´s normally means less birds.
There is full winter in Southern Finland, not much birds and very cold.
One day i saw Eurasian Eagle Owl from my car window and it has been best bird recently.
Im just hoping this winter will be over soon :)
Next weekend we have board members meeting of  Finish twitching association in Hanko and i hope i can check some places before and after the official parts. Im quite excited about this boardmember thing and i hope we have nice weekend there.
So maybe some text from the Hanko comes later.
Today i walked to my car and i saw Brambling in Ruoholahti! That was weird sighting, but it looked happy in House Sparrow flock.

So, i try to be more active and that´s a promise.
Here is a photo of Ruoholahti, place i live. Hope it gives you some spring feeling or something else.




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