10. joulukuuta 2013

Some Owls with Jari. 9.12.2013

My actual plan for the day was to check Villa Elfvik in Espoo if there´s still one or two White-backed Woodpeckers around. I called to Jari and after late morning we arrived to Elfvik at 10 something am.
Day was nice, not cloudy and dark, sun was not shining. We start from the feeder which is in Villa Elfviks backyard. Lots of Blue and Great Tits, some Squirrels and Bullfinches. Zero woodpeckers of course.
Soon we decide to walk around and it took about 5 minutes when Jari said something about some bird and i noticed Pygmy Owl in that direction! Wow, what a luck we had. Bird was quite far a way but we managed to move little bit closer to get few photos. Like everybody knows, bird watching is kind a hobby that you told your sightings to other watchers. Today i felt that it was mistake.. There was few photographers / bird watchers and they started to follow the bird when i moved.. Lets hope it is still alive.

Pygmy Owl. I had bad settings... Too bright etc.. 

After this Owl we found flock of 13 Long-tailed Tits. Always nice to see these. Other areas there were quite empty and we decide to leave after an hour.

Woods of Villa Elfvik. Good place to see woodpeckers. 

After Espoo i told Jari that Hawk Owl is still in Töölö if he wants to check it. So we went there and this is my last time i promise. Okay.. Maybe next year again if i start to count my year-ticks again.

Owl with Vole. 

And again.

Paul Segersvärd was also in the park.

This time the bird ate all the time and some older guy told that bird took this vole from the tree where it saves these for bad times i guess. I did not have any idea that Hawk Owls hunts and then store those in different places.. Nice to know fact.
Jari was happy and this was good day. My work started at 2 pm and after little meal Jari dropped me to Kaivopuisto.
Thanks for the company Jari, lets do this again soon.


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