16. toukokuuta 2015

Morning in Laajalahti. 16.5.2015

Today i had about two hours for birds before I had some family happening with Sanni and shes siblings.
I went to Maari bird tower with high hopes, but the meadow was quite empty.. Three Temmink´s Stints, some Ringed Plovers, Garganey, Thrush Nightingale, Spotted Crake and Water Rail etc. In the tower i had nice time with some familiar guys. Some point we were talking about Great Egret which was migrating to our direction and at the same moment Jani Ceder yelled "Great Egret flying quite near!" Funny situation. Egret landed other side of the bay, but after fifteen minutes it left towards South-West. Bird came quite close to the tower and i managed to get some decent flight shots.

Great Egret.

Later i went to Arabianranta street festival with Sanni and others and while waiting in one point i noticed big raptor flying almost above. I could only see that it was some kind of Eagle, but not White-tailed or Golden. So it had to be something lesser. I had to check some compas points when alarm of migrating spotted/lesser spotted eagle alarm came from Vanhankaupunginlahti. Had to be same bird! At this point bird was already gone. About half an hour later next alarm of Greater spotted Eagle came from Maari. Had to be same bird again! I really was in right place at the right time.

Anyway, great day with some new year ticks. Tomorrow starts our Turkey trip with Sanni! Let´s see what happens there. Maybe some lifers like i mentioned yesterday, but at least warm weather and relaxing.


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