26. elokuuta 2015

Greater-spotted Eagle and other 25.8.2015

Today I went to check Lohja dump with Markus Lampinen and Tomas Swahn. With high hopes we arrived to Lohja at 4 something pm. Unfortunately the place hold only about 100 gulls and most of them were adults.. We were after nice 1cy Caspians and Yellow-legged of course!
So, we checked the place few times and after that we decided to leave.



After Lohja we went to Kirkkonummi to see, if the Greater-spotted Eagle would show up again. This bird has been there few days now. After short drive we arrived to Saltfjärden. During the walk to the tower i found this awesome Elephant Hawk-moths caterpillar!

Cute little fellow.

I released it back where i found it and continued to the tower.
Lots of Common Cranes and Barnacle Geese were flying around, but nothing species really.
It took about an hour and i spotted large predator flying quite far a way. I told guys that they should look at this one and there it was, nice Greater Spotted Eagle! Not everyday bird in Finland.

Upper side of the Eagle. 

Resting in a tree.

The Tower.

Bird gave us nice looks and then landed quite far away in a tree. I managed to take some photos through the telescope when it was sitting.
This is 2cy bird so it was born last year. In first photo you can see how "colorful" it is. It was very cool to see this one today.

Thanks markus and Tomas for great company. This was great fun.

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