16. lokakuuta 2015

Ringing and Strollering in Helsinki. 16.10.2015

Today I joined Roni Väisänen and together we went to Östersundom, which is part of the eastern Helsinki. Place is often used for ringing activities, and today we had same plans in our minds.
We arrived just before half eight and just after we parked the car, we had Pygmy Owl calling! We listened and soon there was two birds calling from very different directions. Awesome start!
I helped Roni to put the nets on and then after quick coffee we made first round.
We had some Wrens, lots of Robins, even more Blue and Great Tits, one Dunnock, four Reed Buntings, few Treecreepers and one Goldcrest. I don´t have the total number of the ringings, but i think we caught about 50 birds, most of them Tits.
Also some nice birds around the area, not from the nets. Black Woodpecker, Sparrow Hawks, Redpolls, Bramblings etc.
Here is few pics.

Angry Treecreeper!

First year male Reed Bunting.

Eurasian Wren in first light.

First year Dunnock.

Later I had time to go our with my daughter Vilma, and try to find new awesome stroller ticks.
I was luckier than last time and I found my first Woodpecker species for the list, Great-spotted Woodpecker. Also other new species were smart looking Spotted Nutcracker! Bird which is always nice to see. Vilma slept whole time and I was happy!
Thanks Roni for great company, and I hope we can take this again very soon.


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