12. maaliskuuta 2016

Champions of the Flyway 2016

Like the topic says, I´d like to write little post of this great event.

Champions of the Flyway is dedicated to preventing the illegal killing of migratory birds in the Africa Eurasia flyway. Somewhere round 25 million (!) birds are killed illegally every year by hunters and other wise guys..
I took part of this event back in 2014 when it was organized first time and together we had amazing bird race, memorable few days and the most important thing, money for conservation. In 2014 target was Georgia and this year money is going to Greece where illegal bird killing is huge problem.

This year I can´t take part of the race, but there is one team going from Finland! These guys have done amazing work so far and I sincerely hope you people can help them to reach their target.

Arctic Redpolls have many good things in their package towards killing free Mediterranean area, so please, make their quest little bit easier and donate something.
It does not matter how big or how small it is, everything counts!

Here is link to their donation page and here is their team page if you want to check their agenda etc.

Thank you in advance!

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