15. marraskuuta 2020

New week, mostly Owls. 15.11.2020

 From the weekdays not much to tell, except on Wednesday somebody found Great-grey Owl from Suutarila! I was no at the office because of annual self defense course so I missed it. Next day there was only one late update of the bird and it was already dark when I noticed that. 

On Saturday 14th I had couple of hours time and I was hoping that I could relocate the Great-grey Owl from the same spot. I drove to the site and started to look around. Area was huge, real needle in a haystack kind of situation. 

This does not really give the true picture of the forest, but finding a Owl from place like this is really lucky.

Anyway I continued and at some point I noticed a guy photographing something. I went to ask if there is something interesting and he just pointed an big Owl in a the tree near by. Ural Owl was sitting on a branch and looked us! Wowzers! I have had many problems this year to connect with this species and finally it was there. I saw one in Kaisaniemi earlier, but no camera, no binoculars or anything. This time I was better prepared. 

That stare!

Ural Owl.

It also tried to sleep, but every time it heard something and checked the surroundings.

Wow, what a bird. I spend about half an hour there and other guy waited his friend when I left.

I continued my search of that other Owl from different part of the forest. I was walking around the deeper part of the forest when I noticed some kind of alarming from Blackbird and some Blue Tits. I came from behind of a tree and Pygmy Owl took off very near me and disappeared quickly behind the bushes and trees... Great. Always a pleasure to see this species, but I was hoping little bit more than a twinkling. At this point I was pretty sure that I can´t find the Great-grey Owl, so I walked to my car and went back home. 

I went "in" to that area and I found Pygmy Owl.

Today at 15th I had some plans with my friend Tyron in Vuosaari. We were suppose to meet and together watch Hawk Owl and Pygmy Owl in Porslahti. Tyron was there earlier and told me that no sign of either, so I started from Kallvik. I walked around the cape area, but nothing really interesting around. I had maybe eight Great-spotted Woodpeckers, two White-tailed Eagles, some Tufted Ducks, Long-tailed Ducks and other common birds. 

Cape Kallvik. Weather was nice.

Juvenile Mute Swan.

Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Some Goldeneyes.

Later I sent message to Ty that I´m still coming to Porslahti to see if I can relocate the Owl. Tyron joined me and we walked around quite large area without any Owls... It was about 20 meters before my car when young boy, maybe 12 years old told us that he just saw the Pygmy Owl very near by. We went to check and there it was! It was sitting on a branch and watched us straight to the eyes. Thanks to that young man, who ever you were! 

Pygmy Owl.

One of my favorites.. So cool bird which can take prey twice the size of itself! 

I send the info of the Owl to a local whatsapp group and more people came. Like many times, when there is enough noise and disturbance, the bird leaves and this happened here again. Luckily I got these proper pictures before that.

Great end for my weekend and it was nice to catch up with Tyron again. Maybe something coming again next weekend with him. 

New week coming and hopefully more good birds with it! 


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