12. tammikuuta 2021

New year new birds. 10.1.2020

 After busy start of the year at work and home I finally managed to have some time for birds last Sunday 10th of January. I Started from Vuosaari and more specific Meri-Rastila where Three-toed Woodpecker was seen that same morning. I arrived to the site and other birder showed me the tree where the bird was actively searching food. I have always liked the combination of black and white with that small yellow area in the head with male birds. Somehow exotic. I took several series of pictures, but nothing really good this time. Bird was always behind branch or in bad position. Great bird anyway and nice start for my day. 

First picture of the woodpecker. not too photogenic..

A bit better. Still hard. 

Almost the full bird here. 

Three-toed Woodpecker. 

I continued to Porslahti, where same Hawk Owl what I saw last year was still around. Little bit walking to the place. Loads of photographers around the poor thing, so I decided to take few pics and then I left. Also small flock of Yellowhammers during my walk. It is very quiet around these days. 

Northern Hawk Owl.


Just before I went back home I tried to twitch Common Kingfisher from the known site without any luck. I spend almost an hour there, but all I saw was Mallards, Blackbirds and other common birds. 

At this point I have seen 26 birds so far.. More to come for sure. Now we are having epic blizzard here in Helsinki and almost 25cm snow in one day! Let´s see what happens and when I´m able to do some proper birding again. 

Happy new year to everybody.


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