3. heinäkuuta 2012

Maari bird-tower again 2.7.2012

After a long week and weekend in work i had first day off yesterday.
My girlfriend Sarina had something else going so i had time to watch some birds before i had to pick her up at the train station.
So, i went to the Maari bird-tower again. There was few people when i arrived there but no familiar faces..
I started to check the meadow and i noticed nice numbers of Dunlins resting and eating there.
Very soon some older guy with great beard asked me that had i seen the Curlew Sandpipers!?!
I was not seen those birds but luckily situation was not bad.
5 gorgeous Curlew Sandpiper in their nice looking red summer plumage were eating with the Dunlins.

Dunlins in flight.

Two Curlew Sandpipers.

Same birds, maybe little bit closer.
There was also very nice numbers of other shorebirds.
Little Curlew, over 40 Dunlins, Spotted Redshank, Green Shanks and something like that.
Other good birds were Little Tern, Spotted Crake and White-tailed Eagle.

PhoneScoping rules. 

Mid-summer birding is normally quite boring but this was nice day.
More stuff very soon.


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