10. heinäkuuta 2012

Ringing and Great-white Egret in Espoo 10.7.2012

Today i woke up something like 2:45am. I drove to Laajalahti where i met Roni Väisänen and Jari Laitasalo at 3:30am.
After an hour we had all nets open and then we just wait some time before first rounds.
Today´s ringing session was slower than last time so there is no much to tell.
We had about 15-20 birds, can´t remember. Best species were Grasshopper Warbler and Marsh Warbler. Nice and good looking birds!
Other birds were something like Robin, Sedge Warbler and Sedge warbler and Robin :)
Again Roni let me train, put rings and take measurements. Of course he checked birds after me but most of the time i did good job.
So, i had very nice time with those nice guys. I hope the next time will be soon.

Marsh Warbler.

Grasshopper Warbler.

Sedge Warbler.

We ended today about an 10am so i had time to check Maari bird-tower.
I went there and i saw few birders in the tower.
I started to check the meadow and soon i saw first Dunlins, Spotted redshanks, Ringed Plovers, Temminck´s Stints, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper and lonely Curlew.
Soon some guy with nice beard came to the tower. "have you seen the Great-white Egret" he asked and i didn´t know about any Egret! I checked our alarm web-site and there it was, found by Tuula Granroth. Nice fo Tuula but it was seen from other side of the bay.
After like 1hour and 10 more people in the tower i saw big white Egret flying other side of the bay and i shouted to others that they should look this bird! Everybody found it and everybody were happy. Some people left immediately after Egret but i stayed little bit longer.

Dunlins and Teal.

Temminck´s Stints.

Great-white Egret! 

What a nice day with good company, nice birds and ringing.
Other good birds at bird-tower were Little Tern, Spotted Crake and varied species of shorebirds.
Now im too tired to continue but i hope more stuff coming soon.
Over and out,


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