9. marraskuuta 2012

Sunny day in Helsinki. 9.11.2012

Finally some time watch birds. This week has been tough in work, so two days of came for good time.
Today i start from Töölö, and this time Hawk Owl twitch was successful! It took only few minutes after i arrived when i saw the Owl flying and chasing Magpie. Soon it came closer and i managed to get some photos.

Little bit dark, but otherwise nice photo. 

More light. 
Owl moved constantly and it was all the time teased by the Crows and Magpies and it was actually quite hard to photo... But anyway, super nice bird indeed!
I continued to the Finnå and i was hoping some rarities again. Place was totally dead and only few Gold Finches and some Tits were only birds...
So, no much to tell about finnå. I continued to Lauttasaari, same place where i found Grosbeaks few weeks ago.
I arrived and noticed huge flock of Bohemian Waxwings in one tree. I went closer and i counted about 200 birds! Nice.

Rowan fruits are best! 

Traffic in the tree.

I checked also other Rowan trees and some Grosbeaks were still present.
Only 3 birds, but that´s something.

Pine Grosbeak. 

All Grosbeaks were female / 1cy male type birds. No red males this time.
After birding, i went to the gym again, my goal is to have biggest biceps of all birders in western palearctic!!
Hah, yeah.

Next week i next time to watch birds, if weather is good.
Now is good time for rarities, everybody out now!
Hear you soon.



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