20. marraskuuta 2012

MEGA! Naumann´s Thrush in Estonia 19.11.2012

Yesterday me and Jände went to twitch Naumann´s Thrush in Kihnu Island, Estonia.
Bird was found by Aivo Klein few days earlier and it was first just a red tailed bird and little by little Aivo get the ID of the bird.
When the alarm came, we were ready to go. We took the evening ferry and after long sailing and quite fast driving, we arrived to Linnamäe where we stayed over night.
We continued our drive at 6am because the ferry to the island started at 8:40am
In the harbor we met Tiit Vohta, Andrus Jair and Mihkel something, sorry i don´t remember..
Same time Uku Paal, Margus Ots and Riho Marja were in the island and the saw the bird.
This was very good news for us!
Hour later we arrived to the island where Aivo and Tarvo Valker waited us.
Quick drive to the most southern ti of the island where the bird was seen.

Boys, searching the bird. 

We started to walk trough the bushes and on the road but nothing in first 40 minutes..
Then we tried other place where Aivo had the bird earlier. Some of the people saw little thrush flying in the bushes! Bird was very shy but now we had some idea where it should be.
We walk back and again bird flew other side of the small area. This time i saw the bird, but only dark "little thrush" flying..
Again walking and i don´t have energy to write how many times we flushed the bird but finally we saw it enough well to give it ID!
After better views we took a little break.
Later i was going to behind the fence witch is in the garden, i got the best views of bird. Nice orange-rusty color on sides and whitish belly especially in the middle. Orange underwing and quite clear supercilium!
That kind of secured the birds id. God i was happy!

Place where Thrush liked to be. 

Kihnu lighthouse. Bird finder Aivo in the photo also.

The thrush was not only bird in the island. I had one Pine Grosbeak also and that was second new specie on my Estonian list! Super day. Only thing what bothered me, was that we did not get any photo of the thrush.. Sadly.

Only bird photo... Coal Tit.

This thrush was only 20th for the Western Palearctic, so it was MEGA.
About at 4pm we left from the island and everybody was happy.
On our way back to home, we had little problems with Jändes car, so we ledt it in the Pärnu city.
Thanks Andrus and Tiit for a ride to Tallin!
I must thank also my supervisor Lauri to let me go on a work day, Ilkka to taking my shift and thanks for all who effected any kind of way to this twitch.
Today bird was still present, so who knows how long it going to stay.



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