3. joulukuuta 2012

SUPER MEGA, Fox Sparrow in Estonia 3.12.2012

Sorry guys for a long brake... I have working very much and when i have not worked, there has been such a bad weathers..
Yesterday Aivar Veide found weird looking sparrow from Haapsalu, Estonia.
Soon the birds ID cleared and it was something amazing. Fox Sparrow, only 2 previous records in Western-Palearctic area! Iceland 1944 and Northern-Ireland 1961.. Wow. Only bad thing was few records witch are  not accepted as wild birds.
I had to work last night so we couldn´t leave right a way. Jände booked 5 tickets to 7.30am ferry and our team was Mika Bruun, Hannu Palojärvi, Markku Santamaa, Jände and me. Also Kari Haataja, Jukka Ihanus and Olavi Kemppainen came with us in same ferry.
After 2 hour sailing and little traffic in the Tallin, we arrived to the Haapsalu at 11 something am.
I had some problems with car parking so others went before me and i had to run.
Running was not necessary this time and when Tarvo Valker, Mariliis Märtson, Riho Marja came at me, they said that bird was nicely there and easy to see.
I was still running a little bit when i saw others watching this magnificent bird.
I checked bird quickly and then i started to take some photos. Light was bad, handheld photos were super crap..

Fox Sparrow.

And again. 

Bird was weird.. It dug out some snow and it found something to eat under it. It used the legs to do this and i must say, i have not seen anything like this before. It was fun to watch! I don´t know about other North-American Sparrows, but Fox Sparrows behavior was odd, but effective.
Soon i called to some people in Finland, and i told about the bird and that it´s still present.
This was Hannus 750th WP-tick so it was special.
Im pretty sure that this birds is wild and free, not any escape. Behavior was more like outside bird.. You know what i mean? Also no rings in the legs is good sign!
Im really waiting now what Estonians rarities committee thinks about this bird.
My opinion, it´s REAL!
Thanks Mika, Hannu, Markku, Jukka, Jände, Kari, Olavi and others for company!

This weeks is totally without work, so maybe some postings coming.



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