27. joulukuuta 2012

Super ending for the year. 27.12.2012

Finally some time to check birds. I worked whole Christmas, so not much time to go out..
Like i said last time, there is Black-throated Thrush and Western Capercaillie in Espoo and today i went t o look at those good species.
I arrived to Eestinmalmi where the Thrush has been over a week now. Quick parking, little walk and i saw two other twitchers. I was not sure about the exact location, so it was nice to find the right place so quickly.
Other nice surprise was Pekka Komi hanging there with he´s huge 500mm lens. Long time no see!
We stand behind the fence and feeding where bird has been was in some guy´s back yard.
Soon the Thrush came closer, but it was hard to photo. I spend about an hour there and here is some photos of the bird.

Bird was nice male.

Little bit closer.

49th for Finland and second Black-throated Thrush for me in.
First was 2009 in Helsinki and it was female bird.
I like these Siberian thrushes, interesting and rare people :)

After Thrush i drove almost 5km to the next place where the Capercaillie had been seen.
One other guy was there searching the beast, but he left soon without prize.
I walked around the are and many people stopped me to talk about the Capercaillie. I always like to answer peoples questions, so it does not bother me.
Finally, after 45minutes effort, i found the bird. Oh my God, it was so huge! It was standing on a fence and only it´s eye was moving.

Western Capercaillie male.

It was so huge that i did not dare to go closer! Luckily i had 500mm lens, so i can take pics from the distance.
What a day and what a ending for this great year. I think there is no time to birding anymore this year.
I have my good friends bachelor party on 28th to 30th and then it´s new year´s eve.
i try to put some "best moments 2012" together here soon, maybe after my friends party.
See u soon!



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