10. joulukuuta 2012

Poor light and winter birds. 10.12.2012

Winter has really arrived here in Helsinki. Snow everywhere, -3 degrees and very few birds around.
After a long call to Tax Office, i went to Seurasaari. I had not been there for a long time, but now when birds begin to eat in feedings, Seurasaari is the place.
I walked around the island and there were lots of Tits, but other birds were missing. Okay, Black Birds, Crows and Sparrows does not count.
I was taking some photos of Blue Tit, when huge flock of Waxwings came from South. Flock stopped for a little time, and i managed to get some bad photos. Light was terrible.. Only black or grey backgrounds and i have to use high ISO number to get even these photos.

Finnish winter, dark and cold. 

This is mine!

Waxwing art. Or not?

Many times some people stopped me and asked some questions about birds and photographing, and i was polite of course and gave some good answers. One guy asked about waterfowl, how they get food when waters started to freeze. I said that you must ask that for some British or Danish guys, they have all our waterfowl during the winter time. :)
When i was walking back, i noticed 5 Pine Grosbeaks near the entrance bridge, and i started to photograph.
I must say, i have now about 1000 pics of Grosbeaks, but who knows when the next influx is coming.

Handsome male.

And possible female.

One thing was unchanged.. Squirrels were everywhere.. This mean bird egg hunter is more than common here in Helsinki. Cute exterior can be deceiving!


On my way back home, i saw one Grosbeak from the car window and five more when i was walking to home. Common bird i guess. Next year maybe not.
More postings this week.



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