14. marraskuuta 2013

Finally some action. 14.11.2013

Finally i had some time to go out. I talked with Petteri Mäkelä yesterday and he was hoping to see Common Moorhen tomorrow when he is coming to Helsinki. He is counting some month-ticks and Moorhen is missing on hes November list.
I checked Suomenoja today where is maybe largest Moorhen population in whole Finland?
Place was super quiet.. Few flocks of Crossbills, one flock of Goldfinches and so on.. Not sure about the Crossbills but if i must guess, i would say Common ones.
When i was walking around the pools there was few flocks of ducks. Most of the birds were Mallards but i counted also 15 Gadwalls, one Teal and few Goldeneyes.
South side of the pools i saw Robin and Skylark. Those were the best birds today.
So, no Moorhen today and i think Petteri need to wait until next year. :)
There is also some plans for the next year, maybe Georgia or Israel,  but who knows.
Here is some bad photos from Suomenoja today.

Flock of Gadwalls.

Two headed Mallard.


Tomorrow i will try to get up early and go out. I just don´t know where i should go... Not much birds out there.


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