18. marraskuuta 2013

Hawk Owl part two. 18.11.2013

When i woke up today i realized that there is super nice sunny weather. I took my camera and because there is not much to see these days, i went to Töölö again to check if the Hawk Owl is still there.
I walked around the park about 25 minutes and i met some guy who was had same business there. Together we found the bird very quickly.

Staring contest with the Owl. 

Soon the bird flew a little bit and i got one crappy flight photo of it. It is super hard when the bird flies between the trees, my camera focus is too slow or i must be bad photographer.


Rest of the time Owl just sat on a small branch. I got quite good photos in very good light conditions.
Owl also threw up one small ball which is normal for Owls when they eat whole mouse or mole. Bones must get out of their system. In the photo you can see little brown ball after it came out from the Owl.

Brown ball in the lower edge of the photo, under the owl. 

"Much better now"

Nice day and i think these were the last pics i going to take of Hawk Owl, at least for some time.


Not much other birds in park.. One flock of Greenfinches tried to tease the Owl.

The owl was just under these guys.

Hope you all had nice start for the week.


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