23. tammikuuta 2014

Freezing winter birding almost without birds. 23.1.2014

When i woke up today i check the outdoor temperature, -16 degrees.. Not much motivation to do any birding, but there has been so long brake again, so i had to go out.
Seurasaari is about 2km away from my doorstep and i decide to walk there. I´m not really eco-birder and even less winter birder but this time i had nice few hours.
Sun was shining and first i check little pond near my house which is ice free. About hundred Mallards had their last refuge there. I guess that spot remains ice free because there is waist water pipe which brings hot water there.

Mallard party.

Gorgeous male.

Soon after i continued my walk i heard Crossbill calls from the sky. I found three birds witch looked very much Common Crossbills (two males and one female) and calls were more like Common. Not that i would know anything about Crossbill calls.
When i arrived to Seurasaari i put some peanuts on every feeder. Not much birds and city has destroyed one big feeding by cutting all branches lover than my head.. Great job.
Three species of Tits, one Treecreeper, seven Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Nutcracker, one Black Woodpecker (female), flock of Long-tailed Tits and White-tailed Eagle.
Nutcracker was surprise and maybe my third from the Seurasaari ever.

White-tailed Eagle.

WT-Eagle deserves always two photos.

Coal Tit.

One friendly Coal Tit.

View from seurasaari bridge.

When i was walking back i noticed Jay family near bridge and i tried to get some action pics when they jumped in snow. No luck this time...

Eurasian Jay. 

Nice day. Little bit too cold for me but have to to something.. Next weekend i will go to Kouvola to have meeting with other Finnish twitching society board members.
Oh yeah, almost forget. I bought new Nikon TC14 II for my camera. And it works!


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