26. tammikuuta 2014

Annual board member meeting in Kouvola. 26.1.2014

What a nice weekend i had! I am a board member of the Finnish Twitching society and we had our annual two day meeting in Kouvola. This is one of my favorite weekend in winter when we all meet and we have enough time to discuss all the important issues.
Olavi Kemppainen picked me yesterdays morning and we arrived to Kouvola just before midday. Not much birds during the drive, but i knew that this trip was not for birds.
We started our meeting after one a clock and after many hours of hard work we ended our day and we had time to enjoy sauna and other cool stuff.
Today i woke up with slight headache, but that was no reason to skip rest of the meeting which continued after eight a clock.
Very good decisions and when we left from the Kouvola afternoon, i had very good feeling.
This time we planned to see some birds also during the drive, so we tried to twitch some Grey Partridges from Orimattila.
Sadly some local kids had their weekend motocross challenge in same field where the birds were just two days before...
Very soon we continued our drive and maybe after 15 minutes drive i noticed three black birds sitting in a tree. Quick stop and nice, little flock of Black Grouses! I took some photos and suddenly whole flock jumped in to the air and there was about 20 of those! I got some distant flock pics but at least something!

Part of the flock.

Thanks Petteri, Kalle, Janne, Petri, Juha, Visa, Annika, Jösse, Ina, Olavi and Heikki for great meeting.


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