17. helmikuuta 2014

Finally something. 17.2.2014

Sorry about lazy posting.. I have worked like maniac and when i´m not working i must sleep.

Last weekend was finally some free time and i went to Jyväskylä to join "Roller Meeting", which i annual meeting with top class birders. I don´t know why i was invited, i´m not top class birder!
Anyway we had great night with lots of good people and interesting presentations. Markus told us about Iduna and Hippolais Warblers, Roni had nice show about female Sylvia Warblers, Petteri told about Gulls, Harri showed super pics from India and Antti had nice show of birding in East-coast USA.
Later we had very tough ID challenge and i was super glad that i was not the last!
Later Petri told us about Pallid Swifts, Subalpine Warblers and female Pine Buntings.
Thank you everybody for company!

Today i was back in work and when i was walking back home from buss stop i saw Eagle Owl sitting in the roof next to my home building! What a super luck! Very quickly it took off with ten Crows behind it.
Very nice specie and quite rare here in Helsinki.
I will try to go out again soon. Very depressing weather here in Helsinki with rain and fog..


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