5. kesäkuuta 2014

Quality sea-watch and others around the island. 5.6.2014

So, like i told yesterday i was normal tourist around the Rhodes City. I wake up late and had nice time with my sister and mother.
Today i took car from the city and drove around the Western part of the island. I checked the Eleonoras´s Falcon place in ancient Kamiros and the i had super sea watch about one km south of Kamiros.
Before i stopped i was thinking that maybe some sea-birds could came near shore because strong northern wind. This time i was right. It took about one minute to found first Cory´s Shearwater. I guess here the birds are Calonectris Diomedia Diomedia race so, maybe some day i will have two species of these birds in my list. Maybe few minutes later i noticed much smaller bird flying with the big Cory´s, and when it came in better position, i identified it as Yelkouan Shearwater! Ok, i must say that id of these birds is based on the location. But i guess it would be miracle to see about ten Manx or Balearic Sheawaters here. I stand there about an hour and i saw ten Yellkouans and about 25 Cory´s Shearwaters! What a way to start my day, again.
My sea-watch place.

Cory´s Shearwater.

Two Cory´s Shearwaters.

Yelkouan and Cory´s in same picture!

Few kilometers south from my sea-watch place. 

I continued driving to south but not much birds there. One putative Long-legged Buzzard but it disappeared very soon after if found it. Some Kestrels, Sardinian Warblers and my first Eastern-olivaceous Warbler there. Soon i decided to drive back and i turned from Kalavarda to Salakos and then i came near some misty mountain. It was so cool that i went to check if there is some road to explore, and there was.

Top of the mountain was inside of the cloud. 

This was maybe on of the highest places there. Driving inside of the cloud is not normal. 

Almost zero birds there but place was really cool and it was really worth of driving there.
When i came back i stopped few times but only Blue Rock Thrush was best sighting. This is weird island... So few birds around. This lizard was somewhere.

Lizard Species. 

I was quite tired after six hours of driving, so i returned my rental car and went back to my hotel have some nap. Later i met my family again and we had nice dinner and some cocktails. Very enjoyable life.
Yelkouan Shearwater was lifer for me and after that there is no more lifers in the island waiting for me. I guess i´m going to save some money and turn to real tourist. No more car rents or long drives. I´m going to lay in the beach and came back home with my boiled brown skin and with two lifers. Next post when im back home, unless there is something really interesting coming.


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