7. kesäkuuta 2014

Rhodes summary 7.6.2014

So this is my last night here in island of the sun. If i´m honest, there is not much for birders.
I was amazed when i was driving some small roads few days a go and there was only few Jays and that´s it. Normally when driving somewhere there is at least some species so common that you just face them everywhere. Not here. Except Sparrows.
I mostly came here because my mother and sister were here already and now almost week after i´m very pleased that i came here. Two lifers in place like this is more than you can expect and excluding the tourism, this is very beautiful island with varied nature. I must also understand that now birds are breeding already and they are hiding very effectively. Only good way to watch birds in the island is rental car and full day trips around the island.

Here is my species list.

Cory´s Shearwater
Yelkouan Sheawater
Long-legged Buzzard
Common Buzzard
Red-footed Falcon
Eleonora´s Falcon
Peregrine Falcon
Yellow-legged Gull
Audouin´s Gull
Feral Pigeon
Collared Dove
European Turtle Dove
Common Swift
Pallid Swift
Alpine Swift
European Bee-Eater
Crested Lark
European Sand Martin
Craig Martin
Barn Swallow
Red-rumped Swallow
House Martin
Tawny Pipit
White Wagtail
Citrine Wagtail
Common Nightingale
Black Bird
Blue Rock Thrush
Sardinian Warbler
Eastern Olivaceous Wabler
Great Tit
Woodchat Shrike
European Jay
Hooted Crow
Domestic Sparrow
Ortolan Bunting

So 41 species in short time. There is also one putative Kittiwake but i can´t count it because did not saw it good enough.
Here is some photos from the island what i took today.

Citrine Wagtail taken with my 50mm lens. 

Rhodes old town.

Rhodes harbor. About flock of 100 Swifts around today. 80 Common and 20 Pallid.

Turkey is quite near. 

I have only 2,5 weeks summer vacation this year so coming here was good idea. Tomorrow back home and then maybe some birding activities in Finland, or in Estonia. I missed some good rarities during my holiday so let´s see if there´s anything left when i´m coming back.


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