14. helmikuuta 2015

Calandra Lark 14.2.2015

Few days a go Calandra Lark was found in Masku, SW-Finland. I had to work all the weekdays and today was first change to go and twitch this Southern oddity.
There is only 11 previous records of this Lark in Finland, so we are talking about quite good rarity.
I got my mothers car yesterday and today i took Jari Laitasalo, Pasi Pirinen and Janne Aalto with me and we drove to Masku quite early. First update came already before 8 a clock and we had still one hour driving left.
Just before nine we arrived to the place and bird was immediately showing well.
Bird was hanging very near the road and only bigger cars made it move a little. Once it went middle of the road and just before the truck came, it just ran over the road! Only lone jogger made it fly and it disappeared in to the field.

In flight bird showed typical white edge and dark underside of the wing..

Thick bill and head markings showing well here.

Black breast markings showing here.

Jari, Pasi and Janne.

Overall bird looked very much like i remembered. I have seen some of these in Israel and Portugal. After little waiting bird did not came back from the field so we went to have nice coffee and bun.
When we were driving back to Helsinki we decided to try some Collared Doves in Salo and finally after little search we found 13 birds! Very nice flock.
Also some Bullfinches, Goldfinch, Tree Sparrows and other common birds around.
While i was driving, we had two Great-grey Shrikes and one Dipper somewhere along the road.
Later i dropped all guys back home and went to Vanhankaupunginlahti by my self, i found one Dipper for my year-list. Flying bird did not gave me any change to take photos but it was awesome like always.


So, first lifer for the year 2015. Let´s hope thre is more coming soon. Next weekend i´m going to Kokkola and with good luck there is still one Snowy Owl waiting for me.
Thanks Jari, Pasi and Janne with great company. This was great fun.


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