18. helmikuuta 2015

Some local winter birds. 16.2.2015

Earlier this week i had some time to do local birding in Helsinki. My shift started at 3 pm and before that i went to twitch Eurasian Wigeon. Long staying couple of Wigeon have been in small lake which is part of the Töölönlahti. I went there and quite soon noticed male Wigeon swimming among the Mallards. Here is one quite good picture of the male.

Male Wigeon showing hes wings.

Also you can see female swimming in that same photo up right. This was probably my easiest missing winter tick before these birds. Now number is 123 and i started to count these two years a go.
Later i walked through city center and went to Tähtitorninmäki because i knew some people saw Nuthatch there few days earlier. I got no luck with that species, but i found my first Common Redpoll for this year and lost of other common birds. Robin was only not so regular winter bird there.

Green Finch with Great Tit.


Female Blackbird.

Time went quickly and soon i had to go to work. Nice sunny day and i was really satisfied.
Good news came today that Snowy Owl is still in Kokkola, so wish me luck that we will see it next Saturday.


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