6. maaliskuuta 2015

Spring birds 5.3.2015

Finally some birding after long break. Yesterday i had awesome time with Tyrone Francis in Viikki and Vanhankaupunginlahti.

View from the bridge between Pornaistenniemi and Arabianranta.

We met at the bridge between Arabianranta and Pornaistenniemi and went to check Pornaistenniemi places. Nothing really special there and i guess Sparrow Hawk was best bird in that area. All the Woodpeckers were missing and only Tits and Crows around.
We walked to Viikki sewage and there we had eight Goldeneyes with few Mallards. Goldeneye males really have funny looking display!
After sewage we walked to the real Viikki area where most of the habitat is fields and forest. In first field i noticed Great-grey Shrike sitting in a tree. Distant but nice bird.
We checked all the fields but nothing really there this time. Another Great-grey Shrike near the famous red barn, calling Goshawk and some Goldfinches but that was all..

Great-grey Shrike.

After fields we went to Purolahti tower but the result was same there.. Calling Great-spotted Woodpecker was best i guess.. When we left i noticed open area in the bay and there was lone Grey Heron standing on the edge of the ice, looking quite lonely. Maybe it will get company little later. Also two Whooper Swans swimming in that small open water.

Whooper Swans and lone Grey Heron.

Next stop was Hakalanniemi tower and there we finally got some birds. First there was only 139 Crows hanging on the ice. Little later happened what often happens when you stand in same place little longer. Lone Stock Dove sat on the electric cable and suddenly flock of four Lapwings came from North and flied around the bay for some time. Both new species for my year list.
We stand there little more but despite huge effort, we did not see any White-tailed Eagle for Tyrone.

Possibly the worst Lapwing photo ever. Two birds flying.

Rest of the walk was quite quick, we checked one old feeding place, but it was empty.
Not much birds along the walk back to Pornaistenniemi where Tyrone had hes bicycle, so we discussed about politics and other very important topics while walking. Maybe that is the reason why we did not see any birds!
Luckily my day was not over yet. I was in Pikkuhuopalahti where i live and walked near my house when i noticed two small birds feeding in open grass. I went little closer and two Skylarks rose in to the air! Year tick number 97! With a big smile i walked back home.

Thanks Tyrone for excellent company, i think we had great fun. Next time maybe Suomenoja to check some other ducks and Black-headed Gull colony?
I really hope i have time to go out again next week. It is going to be very warm (10 degrees) so lots of migrant birds coming? Next time i also put some effort for bird photos.

p.s. I hope you like this new exterior of my blog. Sanni made it!


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