9. maaliskuuta 2015

Close range birding 9.3.2015

Today we had so nice weather that i needed to go out and enjoy some long waited sun. Especially when i saw flock of Bean Geese from my window!
I walked about 8 kilometers from home to Seurasaari and then gym. First i stopped at Meilahti Arboretum where i had nice flock of Siskins, some Green Finches, and Goshawk.
Magpie is cool looking bird. 

I continued my walking to Seurasaari where i checked all open water areas and couple of feeding places.
I had 8 Mute Swans, 9 Goosanders, some Goldeneyes, awesome Glaucous Gull and migrating flock of Geese. Gull was third calender year bird and it was  hanging with Greater Black-backed Gull on the ice. I can´t remember if i have seen this age Glaucous Gull in Finland before, but normally my sightings of this species are 1cy or 2cy. Here is some photos of the Gull and Goldeneye.

Glaucous Gull with GBB-Gull.

Flying GG

Smart looking Goldeneye male. 

Later i leave the island and walked about 3 kilometers to my gym. Got some Goldcrests, Tits, Treecreeper etc during my walk. Awesome weather, like i mentioned earlier, so maybe more birding tomorrow.


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