22. maaliskuuta 2015

Spring is here, almost. 22.3.2015

Yesterday i spend pleasant day in Vääksy with my fiancee Sanni. Her mother lives there so always good reason to visit there. During our drive i saw Ural Owl from car window! Ultimate surprise. Along the day i watched several fields and even tried to twitch Little Grebe near by. Grebe was in bad place and last part of the road was "private" and there was barrier about 300m before the shore where the bird was seen. I don´t want to annoy any landowners so i gave up and left. During the day i counted about 30 Whooper Swans, two Skylarks, ten Lapwings and when we arrive a lone female Hen Harrier in Vääksy golf court.

Whooper Swans in Vääksy.

Today i had some time to check Seurasaari before gym. I bicycled there and walked around the island. It was freezing cold! In one and a half hours i had 10 Canada Geese, one Woodcock, seven Tufted Ducks, three Great-spotted Woodpeckers, lone Stock Dove, some Goldeneyes, an adult Black-headed Gull and other common birds.
Here is some photos from the island.

Adult Herring Gull.

Canada Goose.

Adult Black-headed Gull.
Little bit art with Blackbird.

I drove back to Pikku-huopalahti where i live and tried to take some photos of my favorite local birds, Domestic Sparrows. Surprisingly i found also three Tree Sparrows there.
After i got some decent pics, i gave some food for the birds and left to the gym.

Tree Sparrow.

Smart looking female Sparrow.

Next weekend more birding. I have to work all weekdays...


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