4. huhtikuuta 2016

Geese with Vilma 31.3.2016

One afternoon, after my work I took Vilma with me and we drove to Viikki to twitch Pink-footed Goose to my stroller list. It was already quite late and when we arrive I got only brief looks of the Pink-footed before some idiot let her dog run in to a field. All the Geese were in the air and when they landed again, I did not find the Pink-footed again. Fortunately I saw it and there was lsot of birds to look at.
Vilma was sleeping so I did not have any hurry with the birds. Here is some photos taken by my Iphone through my telescope.

Flying Geese.

Greater-white Fronted, Canada, Barnacle and Bean Geese flock.

My tired princes saw already all the Geese. 

Sadly I did not get any photo of the pink-footed. but five new stroller ticks and quality time with my girl was my highlight of the day.


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  1. Beautiful photos, Tom. Hello from Montreal, Canada. :)