11. toukokuuta 2016

Early April and Ring Ouzel with strollers 19.4.2015

Early April was mostly stroller ticking with Vilma. Lots of goodies on my list from Laajalahti where I visited twice. Species like Red-necked Grebe, Lapland Longspur, Greenshank etc were nice with strollers!


Vilma sleeping and me watching. 

We also visited Nuuksio national park and there I recorded Western Capercaillie and Red-throated Diver! VIlma was with us but no stroller in the woods..
Later I ticked Ring Ouzel from Viikki with Vilma and we got this nice species on that list too.

My second Ring Ouzel for the year. 

After this twitch my next birding event was in Pori and more about that later.


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