17. toukokuuta 2016

Day trip to Pori 24.4.2016

We had family weekend in Vääksy with Sanni and Vilma, but somehow I managed to take one full day at Pori at the same time.
I arrived Saturday evening to Petteri Mäkeläs house and with hes family we had nice dinner. Next morning we started very early from Yyteri and when we arrived to the first tower, we noticed alarm of Pied Avocet just 15 minutes earlier from there. Very soon Petteri noticed the bird feeding quite far away. We continued walking to the next and main bird tower and there we had very pleasant time with lots of birds.
About 60 Bar-tailed Godwits, Lapland Longspur, Spotted Redshank, Bearded Reedlings and lots of other good stuff!

Meadow Pipit.

Pied Avocet.

Singing Pied Wagtail.

After Yyteri we visited various places around Pori area and I picked year ticks from almost every place. Pied Avocet was certainly our best bird that day, but cant praise Pori too much for one of the best places in Finland. All kinds of biotope are represented there. Here is two more photos from different places.

Ring Ouzel. We had 4 birds that day!


Thanks for everything Petteri, Matleena and Mimosa. It was great to see you guys after long time. Shame that I had only one day this time. Maybe next time we have more time to spend together.


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