17. toukokuuta 2016

Ross´s Gull twitch 7.5.2016

Not much happened after my Pori trip. I twitched long staying King Eider from Raasepori and during my normal days, migrant birds showed up one by one. My Summer vacation started at 6th of May and just day after I got alarm message of Ross´s Gull in Janakkala, which is quite close to Helsinki (about one hour drive). I took Sanni and Vilma with me and together we drove there. Lots of people came and when we arrived, there was about 100 twitchers around. Bird stayed whole day in same pool and was seen quite easily.
This was one of my dream come true species and I waited quite some time to see it. Four years a go there was one bird in Kuortane, but that was too far a way or something.

Possibly the worst record shot of the bird. 

Happy twitcher and new hope :)

What a great way to start vacation! After this twitch we started our Spain trip next monday.


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