2. kesäkuuta 2016

Late May birding in Finland.

After Spain I tried to go out almost every morning with or without Vilma. I visited Laajalahti, Vanhankaupunginlahti and Suomenoja and got many new stroller ticks. It´s easy when girl sleeps and I have time to tick and watch birds.
On 21st I visited Elfvik tower but nothing special.. After Spain I got many common migrants including Common Rosefinch, Common Swift, Hobby and Honey Buzzard. Later that day I had little raptor watch from my balcony and I spotted two White Storks flying over the house! That was a great catch. At the evening I went to Malmi and twitched Common Nightingale to my year list. Only 38th records from Finland! Sadly I did not saw the bird but singing was great and beautiful. Here is photo of a more common Nightingale species here, Thrush Nightingale.

Lots of singing Thrush Nightingales around Helsinki.

Next day I was again in Elfvik and this time I got Greenish Warbler and Sand Martin on my stroller list! We had also pleasant family trip to Vanhankaupunginlahti where I picked stroller ticks almost everywhere. White-spotted Bluethroat, Great Reed Warbler, Red-backed Shrike and lots of other common stuff!


On 23rd I went to Suomenoja with Vilma to tick Slavonian Grebe and Common Moorhen to my stroller list. Both species were easy to see and also got Blyth´s Reed Warbler and Marsh Warbler on my year list. This time I had my camera with me and here is some pics from Suomenoja.

Northern Showeler.

Black-headed Gull.

Slavonian Grebe.
24th I went again to Malmi and this time I had Vilma with me. Common Nightingale was singing again and it was very good stroller tick for me. Let´s hope my video works here.

25th was few hours in Maari bird tower without Vilma and only new species for my year list was this handsome Curlew Sandpiper.

Curlew Sandpiper.

26th was suppose to be day of, but after Antti Mikala and the group found Little Egret from Maari, I had to twitch it. I took Vilma with me and after long minutes in traffic I arrive to Laajalahti. I ran with strollers and thank god I noticed the Egret from the edge of the meadow. After a minute watching, the bird took off and left! That was close. Lifer and very good stroller tick for me :)

Next morning I had three hours to spend anywhere I want. I chose Maari again and this time it really was good choice! I arrived very early before six a clock. Little bit after six there was only one guy with me and then it happened. Guy asked what are those birds which are flying towards us and maybe a second later I heard familiar calls. European Bee-Eaters! Flock of four birds passed the tower very nicely. Shame I did not asked about the other birders name when he left.. Next hour I was alone before other birders arrived. I left at 9 a clock with big smile.
Later I heard that this was only second record of European Bee-Eater in Espoo and it was also new species for Laajalahti. Let´s hope the local rarities commitee agrees my record. :) When I left i twitched River Warbler near by before I went to my car.

That was the direction where we spotted the flock of Bee-Eaters! 

Common Snipe.

29th I made quick twitch to Raasepori and got nice Savi´s Warbler to my year list.
On 30th I took my family and we started trip to Vääksy where my mother in law lives.
Sanni asked a stop for bathroom and I stopped in Mäntsälä. Sanni went in and I just opened my car door and looked up. I noticed medium sized raptor flying almost above me. I raised my binoculars and I saw a pale colored raptor. I almost immediately knew that this must be a Booted Eagle! I grab my camera and took one serie of photos.

Booted Eagle. 

With shaking hands I sent the alarm of the birds and took photo of the photo from my camera back and put it in the Facebook. My best birds this year for sure. Only third documented bird in Finland, I heard! Later we arrived to Vääksy where I saw Red-necked Pahalaropes and European Nightjahr! What a day!

So, three new lifers for me in May and two of them self found birds! Of course I must wait the RC decisions, but I´m quite confident with these sightings. :)

More later.


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