3. joulukuuta 2016

Local twitching with Vilma 8.11.2016

I had a day off and time for some local birding. Long staying Crested Lark was still present at Kamppi and with Vilma we saw it quikckly before it took off and disappeared behind the building.
After the Lark we went to Tähtitorninmäki to see very very late Ortolan Bunting. When we arrived there was some other twitchers around and I was happy to see my friend Hannu Palojärvi there. Hannu showed me the bird and I ticked second stroller tick for the day.
After the bunting I let Vilma play in the snow and we had great time. Shame it was so cold and windy that we had only half an hour there.
Also lots of Waxwings eating some berries and I had little flock of Whooper Swans migrating South.

One of many feeders around the Tähtitorninmäki.



Great few hours with my girl. Vilma was tired again after many hous outside, so we headed back home.


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