24. marraskuuta 2016

Taiga Flycather 3.11.2016

On 3rd of November I made new visit to Seurasaari to see Taiga Flycatcher and this time I had my camera with me. I was with Vilma, so I had to be quick to get my photos.
Lots of birders around the area where the bird was and our main target was showing very well. Bird was sitting on one same branch almost the whole time and it was easy to watch. Vilma wanted to move constantly, so I had only short periods time to take photos.

Taiga Flycatcher.

Taiga Flycatcher.

Pretty son we left and we had nice little walk around the island. We found Pygmy Owl and Boreal Owl in same place and lots of common winter birds. Crested Tit was nice and two species of Woodpeckers. (Black and Great-spotted). Boreal Owl was new stroller tick for me! Shame that the bird was sitting so deep in the clump of spruces so I didn´t get an photos.

Pygmy Owl.

Great two hours in the island and then back home for Vilmas nap.


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