20. marraskuuta 2016

Black-throated Accentor in Helsinki 23.10.2016

During the massive migration of Siberian Accentor an alarm of Black-throated Accentor came at 23th of October. I was working but luckily I had chadnge to twitch after my shift.
Sanni and Vilma joined me and we picked Tyron to see this bird with us. He has already seen the bird but joined us anyway.
When we arrived to the site there was about 30 to 40 people waiting the bird. It was found from small pile of wood and it showed only few seconds every time and then hide to the pile again.
We waited and I noticed that I left my to the first place where we watched the pile. I walked and took my scope and at the same time people yelled "there, there" I was at the wrong side of the pile!!
I ran and saw the bird, but not good enough... Shit! Possibly the only change and I dipped it.
So I said to Sanni that we had to stay for little bit longer and it was fine for her and Vilma.
About 30 minuted later I spotted the bird from the pile and after few seconds it flew to the nearest reeds and disappeared there. Phooh! Thnak god I found it again!

The pile where the bird was.

Some twitchers. 

Tyron and I after seeing the bird properly! 

Great species and only 11th for Finland. Black-throated Accentor is also super rarity in Europe, so it was great to see this one of my dream come true bird!
Thanks for the company Ty, Sanni, Vilma and others.


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