20. marraskuuta 2016

Two times MEGA 2.11.2016

Something amazing happened at first of November. First ever Upland Sandpiper was found in Nakkila, W-Finland and same day Possible Taiga Flycatcher in Helsinki, also first for Finland. 
Next day I took Jände and my family and together we drove to Nakkila to see that North-American miracle. Almost three hour drive and we arrived to Lestilänjärvi, where the bird was found. Bird was showing well and first lifer of the day was there. I also got stroller tick of it because Vilma was with us. 

Upland Sandpiper.

And again.

Me and Vilma in Nakkila.

Vilma walks everywhere these days. 

During our drive to Nakkila, the ID of the flycatcher was almost clear and we decided to drive back to Helsinki and twitch it too. Days are short in November so we had to be quick with the flycatcher. 
It was snowing and sun was setting when we arrived to the place where the bird was found. Thank god bird was showing well, but Vilma and Sanni were behind us and I had to get that important stroller tick. So I ran back and we met in halfway, and I carried our strollers and Vilma to the place and in last lights I got that stroller tick. I was sweated like crazy, but it was really a worth of every drop! 

Happy stroller ticker! 

Poor document photo of the Taiga Flycatcher.

So, what a day! Two new species for Finland and saw them both in a single day. Not gonna happen again! Special thanks to Sanni and Vilma, it is hard to stay long periods in car and listen birding mambojambo from front seat. Love you guys so much, and I hope you stand with me with this great hobby. Also thanks Jände for great company. This was one of those days you remember forever. 


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