20. marraskuuta 2016

Turtle Dove 20.10.2016

On 20th I took Vilma with me and we drove to Haltiala to see quite late Turtle Dove. My goal was of course to get stroller tick and being outside is always good for Vilma.
I parked my car near where I saw other birders and then I took wrong path and suddenly we were wrong side of a little stream. First I carried Vilma and strollers to the other side and I asked a elderly lady to keep her eye on Vilma for one second so I could get my telescope to the right side. All went well and bird was still showing, though it was hiding in a tree and clearly had sleeping in its mind.
I took some photos and very son Vilma stated to be tired, so we left. Good species these days in Finland and sadly Turtle Doves are getting more and more harder to see every year.

Phonescope photo.


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