16. marraskuuta 2016

Dusky Warbler in Helsinki 18.10.2016

I was still working when I got message of Dusky Warbler in Kivikko and found by my friend Janne Koskinen! I cycled back home and checked the alarm system. Because the bird was still present, I took Sanni and Vilma with me and together we drove to Kivikko.
We were super lucky because when we arrived to the place bird was moving and I managed to see it. I was pushing our strollers and Saw the bird quickly, but close enough before it flew to the woods near by.
More people came and we watched the little area where the bird was found. About an hour later Kari Lindblom found the bird again and again very quickly bird showed to us before it disappeared to the woods. The whole time I was thinking that "shit, I didn´t get that stroller tick" but the I noticed that I was really pushing the thing when I saw the bird in first place. Great twitch! Finally we had leave because Vilma started to be tired and she had number two in her diaper.
Thanks Sanni, Kari, Vilma and other for company and congrats Janne for great find! This bird was lifer for me of course a stroller tick!

People waiting the bird in Kivikko.



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