23. lokakuuta 2016

Siberian Accentors in Helsinki 17.10.2016

Because I did not get any photos of the Siberian Accentor earlier in Naantali, I had to twitch another bird to get one.
On 17th we visited my friend Tyron and his first lady Sanni to see their 5 weeks old baby girl Ella. While we were there I got alarm message of Sibe Accentor in Vuosaari Hill and because they are living near of it, we went to twitch it. Unfortunately no luck with that bird.
Later same day when Vilma went to bed I drove to Viikki where I knew that two birds were present earlier that day.
It was early afternoon and lots of people around. I had to wait about 10 minutes and first bird showed up nicely semi close to us. Shame the place was dark and day was cloudy, pictures were mess..
I waited and soon both birds were there together and very close to us. Even my 300mm was too long to get both birds properly to the same photo. Anyway, it was really weird feeling to see two of these rare birds in same place.
Here is some photos.

Siberian Accentor!

Bird was feeding openly on the ground.


And again.

Shitty photo, but both birds in same picture. 

Beautiful bird.


Nice day again!


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