20. lokakuuta 2016

Late July summerhousing. 27-29.7.2016

Only few months late.
We had very pleasant weekend in our summerhouse at the end of the July. Only an hour drive from home and you can enjoy nature and silence. With the baby? No way.
This time I tried to take photos of Butterflies and Dragonflies because the place is much better for those. Of course some birding, but I didn´t left the backyard.

Here is some photos from the weekend.

Yellow-winged Darter.

Yellow-winged Darter.

Idas Bluet.

Second brood Map

Essex Skipper.

Black-tailed Skimmer.

Peacock Butterfly

Common Bluet in tandem.

Lesser Purple Emperor.

Common Darter.

Some of the Dragonflies could be wrong here, because I´m just a starting my hobby with these.
From birds I could mention some Ospreys, Black Woodpecker, Arctic Terns etc.
Great fun with the family.


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