22. lokakuuta 2016

Haltiala with Vilma 6.10.2016

On 6th of October I had free time with Vilma again, and this time we chose Haltiala. Nothing special in my mind, but place has good potential to find almost anything.
only 10 minute drive from home and when we arrived I noticed big flock of Mistle Thrushes flyin around with some Fieldfares. We walked around about an hour and all foud basic Thrush species around with Great Grey Shrike, Yellowhammers, Goshawk, Woodpigeons, Skylarks and so on.
Vilma had fun crawling around and I had full job to keep her out of spiny bushes.

I guess here is some kind of fertilizing machine on the field.

Mistly Thrush.

Quite soon Vilma started to be tired and cranky, so we headed back home for a nap.


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