21. elokuuta 2020

Greater-spotted Eagle. 17.8.2020

I was just arrived back home with my daughter Vilma when I got message of local Greater-spotted Eagle from Vanhankaupunginlahti. Normally these birds just migrate over the area, but for some reason this one stayed. I drove to Viikki refinery and I had idea that there is the closest spot where I can see the bird.
I arrived and finally an easy twitch. After few minutes the bird was flying above the bay and huge flock of Crows and other Corvids were chasing it. I was able to phonescope few distant pictures of the Eagle. I watched the bird about fifteen minutes and then it disappeared. When I left the bird came back to the same place, but I was already happy. I saw the bird pretty well with the telescope and my opinion was that it was maybe 2-3cy bird. Pure Greater-spotted Eagles are starting to be pretty rare, but this one looked good. I later saw some pictures and I think the bird was not hybrid of any kind, which is good of course.
Here is my poor record pictures of the bird.
Other species worth mentioning were two Goshawks, Hobby and at least one Marsh Harrier.

The bird was chased by Crows every time it was flying. 

Here you can imagine to see some contrast and features from the upper wing.

Poor and far.. Anyway what a bird! 

This photo shows nicely how far the bird was. Can you see the pylon from here?

Rest of the week has been just working and being home with sick kids. Great fun.


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