1. syyskuuta 2020

Stroller Pochard. 31.8.2020

Yesterday I spend my day at home, cause our kids still had some flu and we could not take them to daycare. This covid-19 time is really pain in the ass, cause even with mild symptoms you have to keep your kids at home. I also understand this system, but still it is frustrating.
At some point I got alar message of Red-crested Pochard from Vanhankaupunginlahti. Instantly I was thinking that it must be the same bird which was found about month earlier from same place and it has just hided there very effectively. This bird, like the first one was also eclipse male. We arrived around two a clock afternoon and only few people were searching it.
We met Jari Laitasalo at the place and together we tried to find the bird. After 20 minutes or so we heard that somebody found the bird about 20 meters from our spot, but we didn´t see the bird. First Jari went to look at it and soon I went too. Bird was sleeping inside the reeds and it was pretty hard to see. between reeds and only limited view it was hard to realize that I only had to move two meters with the stroller to see the bird from behind the reeds. I even got a set of very poor record shots of the bird while it was sleeping. Finally just before we left it moved a bit and I was able to see the red bill and the whole bird. Place was very hard with stroller and I had to carry it quite long way to get back to the road... Here is the picture of the bird.

Photographer behind the reeds and bird inside the reed.. 

Red-crested Pochard. 

Thanks for the company Jari, it was a pleasure to see you. Pochard was my stroller tick number 252, so maybe some day I will hit the 260 mark with these kids. No plans to get more, so around that will be my final number, I guess.


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