18. helmikuuta 2013

Eastern Helsinki tour. 18.2.2013

Yesterday i saw a sighting of Great-grey Owl from Laajasalo, eastern Helsinki. I haven´t any info about the place and i called to Jari Linjala, who is professional Eastern Helsinki guy. Jari told that he knows the place, so we agreed that we will meet at the morning before we go to the area.
I met Jari at ten a clock and after short drive we arrived to Stansvik country house. Are was quite big and there was a lot of forest.
We did not had any idea where to start, but that was no problem. We walked around the area and there was quite a lot of birds. Bullfinches, Tits, Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Treecreepers and maybe best bird, Lesser-spotted Woodpecker.

Female Lesser-spotted Woodpecker.

We were quite sure that Owl is not here and we should leave. We arrived back to our cars and then some people arrived, also trying to find the Owl. We decided to stay and we walked western part of the area this time. There was mostly snow and empty trees with more snow.. After 20min walking we lonely birds above us and gave a little "Tsik" sound. Voice, size and structure fit really well to Hawfinch! Always nice to see that specie.
Soon we came back to our cars and we were ready to leave.
Jari drove first and soon we noticed a couple who were in the parking lot earlier. Jari stopped and asked if they had seen something. And it came clear that they had found the Owl!!
Quick parking, camera and tripod out and we followed these people.
about 100m walk and this magnificent bird sat on a branch!

Great-grey Owl.

"Huoooooh" Tired Owl.

What a bird. Only second for me and year tick number 70. We spend 15min with the bird and then we continued our day in Kulosaari, where we check the Kulosaari country house. Many Great-spotted Woodpeckers in the are, but nothing special this time. After country house we went to the Kivinokka, witch is beautiful nature reserve. There was some nature trails witch we followed. Not much birds there eiher, but one Willow Tit, Northern Goshawk, few Great-spotted Woodpeckers and Goldcrests.

Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Kivinokka nature reserve.

We had about 2km walk and after that, Jari went back to Stansvik where he forgot he´s "binocular stick" and i went to the Seurasaari for a quick check.
Snowfall became stronger and there was only few places where birds were active, so i spend only 30min in the island. Many Black birds, Great and Blue Tits, but nothing else...


Bird photo with my phone. Find some Great Tits.

What a day. I had great time and i hope Jari had also. Thanks for the company and guiding.
More postings maybe this week. Very slow and quiet out there.



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