28. helmikuuta 2013

Last day of February. 28.2.2013

I am sorry that i have been silent so long time. Work takes most of my time and i have to sleep once in a while. 
Last weekend was work, next weekend again work and 84 hours in 9 days is quite a lot.. 
But today i had little time to watch birds because my lovely girlfriend pushed me out of the house. She had to make something for she´s bachelor´s degree and that was fine for me.
I start from Lauttasaari and there i found 70 Tufted Ducks, many Goldeneyes and Mallards.. 
Tufted Duck was actually year-tick for me. 

Somewhere there is open water, i promise!

After Lauttasaari i went to Töölö where Long-eared Owl has been now at least two days. I found the bird quickly and it was little surprise that i was only one in the place. 
Owl woke up when i photographed it and it looked quite angry! 

"What are you looking at!!!" 

"Thank you very much when you woke me up!!!"

Well, i took only 10 minutes of it´s sleeping time, so maybe that´s why it did not attack on me. 

After this great Owl, i went to Seurasaari. Sun was shining all morning and when i get my self to the island, clouds came and no more sun... Crap... 
I make little tour around the island but nothing special this time.. Only one Great-spotted Woodpecker, few Treecreepers, one Goldcrest and of course normal Tits and Crows.. 

Hooded Crow and snack. 

So, it´s end of the February and same time end of the Winter-ticks. I am glad that spring comes and more birds of course. Today was actually very spring-like weather. +5 degrees and sun. Next week looks horrible... -15 degrees and more snow... I´m going to stay inside and wait for spring.



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