9. maaliskuuta 2013

New lens, 9.3.3013

I got my new lens yesterday and i had to go to test it today.
It´s Nikkor AF-S 300mm F4
I did not had much time today, so i went to Seurasaari. Great sunny day and i knew that there is always some birds to photo.
I walked around the island and i must say, not too many birds this time. Only few Great and Blue Tits.. Later few Coal Tits too and of course some Blackbirds.
Also one Great Tit with unusual bill.

Long-billed Tit.

This poor little guy tried to eat peanut, but it was hard with this bill.
Later i walked West-side of the island i noticed pale bird sitting on a branch and after few more steps i saw this great looking Northern Goshawk.

Juvenile bird but still so gorgeous! 

When i check my photos, i found ring around hawks leg. Sadly it was little bit too far away.

When i was walking back, i noticed some Voles around one bird-feeding. I tried to get some photos of those also.


I was really pleased with how the lens works. It´s super quick when compare to my older zoom lens and i think it´s better in every aspect. Maybe some better pics coming soon.
Tomorrow i will go out again, so hear you soon.



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