25. maaliskuuta 2013

Still slow.. 25.3.2013

Winter continues and it´s super slow... Not many birds today, but quality was good. Tree year-ticks!
I started my day at Lauttasaari where i had little sea-watch. Smew, Great Cormorant, Goldeneyes, Tufted Ducks, Mute Swans, Goosanders and one White-tailed Eagle. Sun was shining and everything was great.

Greenfinch take off. 

Mute Swan fighting.

After Lauttasaari i went to Suomenoja witch was almost empty.. Hooded Crows had some spring meeting and i counted over 30 birds in same flock. Loud people..
Best birds were definitely flock of Crossbills. I had at least one Parrot Crossbill male and i think the others were also same specie. Can´t be sure.
Flock moved quite fast and i´m not that good with Crossbill sounds..

Part of the flock.

It´s sad to see how few birds have arrived.. Maybe spring is really cancelled. Next weekend we got more snow..
Year-tick total 89 now.

Hear you soon.


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