29. maaliskuuta 2013

Nice but cold day. 29.3.2013

Same weather continues here in Helsinki.
Sarina had some school work and she kicked me out again.
I start from the Hernesaari where i did little sea-watch. I counted about 35 Tufted Ducks, 60 Goldeneyes, 50 Goosanders, and few Mallards. Better birds were Greater Scaup and two Common Eiders.
Also many Gulls flied around, mostly Mew Gulls with Herrings and one Great Black-backed Gull.
Eiders and Scaup were new year-ticks for me, so nice start for the day.

Hernesaari and open water.

Oblique Gull line.

After Hernesaari i drove to Vanhankaupunginlahti where i checked White-throated Dipper and then normal birds places in the area.
Dipper showed well again, but that was mostly all.. Some Great-spotted Woodies, one Black Woodpecker  two Reed Buntings and few Gold Finches were best i think.
Reed Bunting was new tick for the year! Three in a day is luxury.


Dipper again. 

Blackbird in Pornaistenniemi feeding.

Black Woodpeckers work, before i scared it away.

Last place for the day was Maari bird-watching tower. First visit for the year and high hopes.
I knew that the bay is still frozen, but i did know that there was so quiet.. Not even Great or Blue Tits..
I decided to stay and i start to scan the horizon if there´s some movement.
First birds after few Crows were two raptors chasing each others. Distance was about 5km and i could not id them.

About 20 minutes later i found one raptor way closer and it was Common Buzzard. I watched it about 10 minutes when i found another Buzzard looking bird. This second was Rough-legged Buzzard! What a nice surprise!
Just before i decided to leave, i found two Doves flying far away. Maybe Woodpigeons, but can´t be sure.

Now at home waiting my mom´s Easter dinner. Let´s hope it´s good!

Hear you soon.


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