1. huhtikuuta 2013

Hard 1.4.2013

This was again cold and windy morning.. After yesterdays sightings in Suomenlinna, me and my uncle Jan decided to check the places.
We took 9:20 ferry from Kauppatori and after 15min we arrived to the island.
After quite long walk from ferry to Kustaanmiekka without birds, we had little sea-watch.
Many Long-tailed Ducks, Eiders, Goldeneyes, Tufted Ducks and Goosanders today. We did not find yesterdays Crested Grebes, Greylag Gooses or Grey Heron.. Better luck next time.

Only common birds. Church behind. 

Another common bird, House Sparrow. Female.

At the end, we took quick coffee break and then we leave the island.

Especially if you are not from Finland, i highly recommend you to visit this beautiful place.
In summer time you can see Guillemots and many other interesting birds there.

Next place after Suomenlinna was Lauttasaari were we had quick sea-watch again. Two White-tailed Eagles were best.
Final place for the day was my new home patch Viikki. We took quick tour in Pornaistenniemi with out birds and after that we decide to check Viikkis olf waste-water treatment plant.
Many Mallards and some Goldeneyes in the lake and soon i noticed weird looking birds around the Mallards.

Bird was little bit smaller than Mallards. 

Maybe Mallard x Wigeon hybrid? 

Wing panel was almost violet. 

What you think?
Thanks Jände for company. Not many species today, but nice company and funny things always make our days good. I think we don´t have boring days :)

One more day off before work, maybe something coming soon.


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